A textile that generates energy from the elements of the weather.


Like it or not we are dependant on technology and technology is dependant on batteries when battaries run out of juice the technology becomes useless. This makes us dependant on localized energy sources. Currently mankind is developing better energy capacitors and the best of them are made from Lithium. We make new types of batteries that charge the batteries in our devices if we are not able to use localized energy sources. The mining of Lithium has already shown its harmful effects on our enviroment and it’s a growing market therefore we propose an alternative solution to decrease the demand of batteries and therefore the demand for Lithium. An energy generating fabric that transforms the power of the elements and the power from the movement of the individual into usable electricity all in a single textile. In addition to being the coolest thing seen recently it also can be used in clothing, sails and equipment such as tents and rain covers.

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Estonia

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  • Martin Nõlve; Kevin Laus

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