Geothermally aided Biofuel Production from Waste with Maximum Yield


The project is to build a plant for digesting biomass such horse manure and waste timber from lumbering by using combined technology to produce fuel.
The process will use fast pyrolysis, super heated geothermal steam for steam cracking of biomass, Fischer Tropisch process and hydrogenation of the product to make it non-reactive.
The resulting product will be a high quality fuel which can be used undiluted, which is a major improvement to normal biofuel. Also by using additional energy, higher yields of the carbon than have been seen before will be reached.
According to initial calculations the production of fuel from biomass is highly profitable and highly beneficial for the environment, whereas the production is carbon neutral and the product has a zero carbon footprint.
Our dream is to build a 22 ktpa biodiesel plant with saves around 60ktpa of carbon dioxide.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Iceland

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  • Gunnar Bragi Ólason CEO, Gunnar Helgi Gylfason COO

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