Autarchy Hub

Facilitating smart & sustainable energy service for temporary housing


The Autarchy Hub provides energy self-sufficiency in a smart and sustainable way. Currently, real estate companies provide heat and electricity technologies for each house they rent out. This investment is a burden to them, especially for temporary houses like those for students and young professionals. Temporary housing is built for a limited lifetime and large initial investments hardly pay back. With our service, real estate companies do not need to make such an initial investment. Instead, they rent the Autarchy Hub and let us take over the energy supplier’s role, by managing plug’n’play energy technologies. We maintain the system and arrange tenant billing. Comfort is maximized, as we also provide cooling. Moreover, as we believe it is imperative to keep bills at an affordable level for tenants, we gamify their energy behavior, enabling them to monitor and reduce their consumption.

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • The Netherlands

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  • Argyrios Papadopoulos, Jonna Zwetsloot, Matteo Marocco, Hasret Ercisli, Munish Katiyar

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