Az7 Smart Technology Company

We make smart agriculture devices which helps farmers in agriculture which increases the production.


My idea is to develop ”SMART AGRICULTURE DEVICE”
Basically its one device but perform different functions.which describe as given:
(1)It kills insects and pests in crops so it remove use of pesticides because use of pesticides not only dangerous for environment but also harmful for humans cause cancer and even death.
(2)It detect soil conditions such as water conditions how much water require to crops for irrigation so it also saves water which waste in agriculture up to 50%.
(3)It also detect insects and pests and others in crops so before attacking on crops farmer know where the insects and pests so crops protect from destroying.
(4)It also detect temperature conditions.
“How it works?”
The data is collect by nodes which is located in different areas in crops and send to farmer device where farmer get notification.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Pakistan
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  • (1)Ayesha ZAKA (Founder Of Dream) Researcher Study Bioinformatics (2) Syed Riaz Raza Software Engineer (3) Ali Waqas Environmental Engineer

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