Banco De Áreas Verdes (Green Assets Platform)

A platform for the transaction of green assets


We are an online platform where more than 130 rural real estates with preserved forests in Brazil (6 billion square meters) are identified and presented (a) as a compensation product which can be bought by actors who are bound to compensate due to requirements resulting from an environmental licensing proceeding or due to a repressive determination arising from an administrative or judicial enforcement proceeding, and/or (b) as a potential green asset which can be monetized as an environmental service. All the areas registered on the platform have been previously subject to a preliminary legal audit.

The platform figures as a catalyst of transactions between offer and demand on green assets, boosting the use of innovative mechanisms for environmental management of green assets. At the end, it aims to value the services that standing forests provide by compensating the rural landowners who preserve native and/or reforested areas.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Brazil
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