Batea Biotech

Removal of microplastic by Nature!


Batea Biotech is on a mission to remove microplastic found in the water used by fish farmers. Microplastic, small particles of plastic, will be taken up by the fish and eventually accumulate in the human body, when we eat the fish.
The value of our idea lays in the innovative way, we will, remove the microplastic completely. Using only the flow energy and natural inspired components our filter can not only remove more microplastic than the current products, but they will also be saving the fish farmers from using electricity. Hereby, providing the fish farmers with a cheaper and more sustainable production and a more clean product to sell!

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  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Denmark

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  • Stael Naseri (CEO), Iris Maritta Madsen (CFO), Fouzia Hamid Akthar (CSO) And Joachim Steen Larsen (CSO)

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