BEAD – Building Energy Analysis Device

BEAD is the technology for self operated commercial buildings


BEAD is an IoT device that analyses and learns the daycycle ,user bahavior and occupancy changes of commercial building in order give feedback to automation system to conect it to real time life cycle of the building. BEAD analyses learns the building and will start taking over the operation of the building. The building will not only be a smart building but also a humanless operated building that controls automation that stores its energy in order to use the energy where its most needed. The buildings are dynamic entities and should be tretant as living organism and not static buildings.We give the sould to the building. we give the opportunity to commercail buildings owners who dont know how they consume energy to connect with the buildings life and day cycle in order to save energy and operate the buildings with BEADs’ AI


Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Decision Metrics & Finance, Urban Transitions
  • Turkey

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  • soner hacihaliloglu-CEO hayrettin Erturk - CTO Mehmet Kırmızıgul - Software Engineer Ozge Hacihaliloglu CMO Fatih Kılıc COO Cem Aybar CFO Beyhan Gul Data Engineer Adem Gul Electronic Engineer

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