National Third prize winner

#BeatMe! – Smartphone Application Which Gives An Opportunity To Create A Better World With A Dose Of Fun.

Brace yourself, big changes are coming !!!


We believe that if we want to do something to protect the environment and rise up awareness about climate change we should act via the language of young people. This language is called internet. Creating up a new technology always is awesome but it works only locally. Ice bucket challenge or planck challenge has shown us that people all over the world want to do amazing stuff (e.g. charity) for fun engaging totally. We propose to set up a new type of mobile application to use this potential. We are doing this. Stay calm and prepare for a big change in your life ! 🙂

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Poland

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  • Michal Spitalniak - CEO, Mariusz Okulski - Sale Manager, Ola - Graphic Designer, Karol Pawlicki - Software Engineer.

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