National Third prize winner


Playful, rewarding missions, education, the power of community let's go to a sustainable future!


We help connect and motivate people with the power of community and the knowledge of an eco-assistant. Within the community, they can see how many like-minded individuals there are who care about a green future, finding inspiration and avoiding feelings of isolation. Through engaging, rewarding, and educational missions, they can reduce their footprint day by day. Also, we connect the user with our partners (green SMEs) to help them gain new paying customers.

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  • 2023 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Hungary
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  • € 13k
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  • The Founders Are Kristóf Hegedűs (CEO, Project Manager, Relationship Builder - Full Time) And Levente Farkas (CMO, Marketing, Sales, Social Media - Part Time). The Software Development Team Is Led By Marcell Csókási (CTO), And Its Members Include Bálint Kácsor (backend), Ágnes Nemes (Web), Boldizsár Szabó (backend), And György Gudmon (frontend). The Design Team Consists Of Adrienn Hollósi, Alexandra Ökrös, And Babetta Babicz. The UX Team Includes Mária Vukov And Julia Tóth. The Social Media Team Consists Of Sarolta Halmóczki And Tímea Szende. The Financial Team Comprises András Zaveczky, Kira Szabó, Péter Zombori, And Zoltán Ruttkay.

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