Climate depends on society, on education.


#better, is an educational concept, a civic initiative, trying to make people aware of the surroundings. More and more we live in crowded urban areas, going with the wave developers do, and losing all the things important for living : green, comfort, accesibility, adaptability.

We definitely need “built environment education” as all the technology advance everyday, while we just pay the bills, not understanding exactly what are the best choices to make.

Our core hope is that people will learn to deal responsably with everything arround them, as it affects their day-by-day living.
If we want to really challenge CLIMATE IMPACT, we should seriously think about 2 things in the beginning :
*40% of worlds’ energy goes today to our homes.
*recycling may still bring fantastic resources.

It is about how we build, and even more, on how we use the buildings long-term.


Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Romania

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  • arch.Florin ENACHE - developer, arch.Madalina ZAHARIA - graphic concept, arch. Marius ICHIM - business angel, Alina Andries - admin
  • issuu.com/better2016/docs/better

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