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Bio-Alkanol gel is a thick liquid fuel which is a mixture of ethanol, cellulose and water.


It is estimated that in Kenya, biomass fuels account for more than 90% of primary energy supply regardless of the adverse effects it has on the environment. Bio-Alkanol gel is a thick liquid fuel which is a mixture of alkanol, cellulose and water. It’s an alternative biofuel which has been innovated so as to reduce Kenya’s reliance on imported petroleum based products.
Exploitation of sugars in mango,banana,watermelon,orange and papaya fruit peelings through microbial fermentation and egg shells as a source of bio-fuel is a novel undertaking. The conversion of fruit peeling cellulose biomass into cellulosic-alkanol and egg shells into calcium acetate (gelling agent) is an innovative way of turning waste into wealth.

The resulting Bio-Alkanol gel obtained from the waste materials is a form of renewable energy that burns with a clear flame without smoke or soot formation. The Higher Heating Value (HHV) of gel was 20.50 MJ/kg determined from the adiabatic bomb calorimeter and the Lowe

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  • Mr. Jiveri Bonface – CEO & Founder Of ALKAGEL Dr. Daivid Musyimi – Co - Founder Prof. Joseph Chacha – Professor Of Chemistry Advisor Ms Diana Kwanyi – Sales Manager Ms Brendah Adhiambo – Finance Manager

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