Bio-Revive FRG

Revolutionary composite waste recycling for a sustainable future


Introducing Bio-REVIVE FRG, a leader in high-tech composite waste recycling. Our innovative and environmentally friendly approach aims to meet market demands while eliminating non-recyclable epoxy resins. We specialize in recycling carbon and fiberglass with minimal energy consumption, maintaining economic value. Our breakthrough technology harnesses microbiology and metabolic engineering to degrade resins and recycle valuable fibers. With a focus on transparency and global collaboration, we’re revolutionizing the recycling of old-aged boats, planes, wind turbines, and automobiles. Join us in protecting the environment, promoting circularity, and making a positive impact on industries worldwide.

Quick facts

  • 2023 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • The Netherlands
  • 3

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  • Leila Beikmohammadi: Position/Main Responsibilities: Co-Founder & CTO - Head Scientist. Seyed Iman Sadeghi: Position/Main Responsibilities: Co-Founder & CEO - Product Management. Mehrnaz Torkaman: Position/Main Responsibilities: Co-Founder & CFO - Product Development. Anahita Biegmohammadi: Position/Main Responsibilities: Co-Founder & COO / Scientist And Researcher In The Polymer Industry.

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