National First prize winner


A health-improving animal feed supplement from spent coffee grounds


We are producing a natural spent coffee-based bio product, easily applied as a supplement for improved performances of animal feeds.
Spent coffee grounds are residues, left behind in quantities measurable in millions of tons, that mostly end up in landfill. We collect them and process within green technology, based on a unique combination of enzymatic and bacterial fermentation activity.
The resulting product is enriched with physiologically essential compounds and exempted of anti-nutrients. It is several-fold health beneficial, being
mainly intended for ruminants and highly recommended in lactating cows diet for improving the milk quality and reducing the risks of mastitis infections. This product is introducing an innovative biotechnological approach of the circular economy on the feed market. Furthermore, its implementation into feed industry care positive climate impact and will save several hundred tons of CO2 production.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Serbia

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  • 1. Marija Milić, PhD In Biochemical Engineering, Responsible For Production Process And Quality Control; 2. Kosta Živanović, MPhil In Technology Policy, Responsible For Business Management; 3. Suzana Dimitrijević-Branković, PhD In Biochemical Engineering, Responsible For Production Process And Development; 4. Mišel Zubenica, Bachelor Of Political Sciences, Responsible For Marketing And Public Promotion; 5. Nikola Milović, Bachelor Of Laws, Responsible For Logistics And Legal Affairs.

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