Transforming textile waste into raw material for production of biofuels


BioFashionTech is a novel, cost-effective, versatile, low energy intensive, circular textile waste technology that makes use of a scalable biotech process to degrade textile waste and generate valuable products such as fermentable sugars that can be used as starting material for bioethanol production. Furthermore, plastics fibres and dyes that are usually blended in the textile can be recycled and sold to upcycle as many resources as possible.
BioFashionTech is a truly sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to the current solutions to make biofuel from food crops as it eliminates a number of process steps and the use of additives, thus saving energy, resources and reducing waste that otherwise will be incinerated releasing CO2. As a result, BioFashionTech brings 85% of textile waste that currently is incinerated into the circular economy and provides a new type of biofuel made from non-food resources that is continuously available all year long.

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  • Dr. Fabiola Polli, PhD - CEO & Founder I Caroline Nijland - Business Development I Noemi Polli - Communication

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