National Second prize winner


Crowdsourcing photos to save biodiversity.


The most devastating impact of climate change is on life, specifically biodiversity. The estimated cost we all pay for loss of goods and services provided by biodiversity is ~ EUR each year now, and will be ~ per year by 2050. That’s almost the size of the entire EU’s annual GDP! This cost comes in the form of dirty air and water, lack of storm protection, food crop failure, uncontrolled disease spread, and many other devastating effects. But, there is still hope. Humanity can do something, but only if we have the right data to act on. BioNote is a fun smartphone app that helps people crowdsource identifications of any species they take photos of, and collectively provides robust data on biodiversity to the scientific community. With that data, we can predict crucial systems to protect, and avert disaster.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sweden

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  • Erik Thorelli (co-founder, Ceo); Alexandre Antonelli (co-founder, Cso)

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