Bodysuit Extensions - Baby accessories for mommies that use bodysuits


We all know how fast babies grow out of their clothes and what a struggle this is if you are a mom. We solved this problem by producing bodysuit extensions – an ecofriendly solution for moms with kids up to 3 years that offers a longer period of usage to a small bodysuit (3 more months). Thanks to BodyExtend.Me extensions, the bodysuit will grow at the same time with your baby and instead of 10 bodysuits moms can use only 5 for a longer period, helping moms minimize the expenses on bodysuits and the number of bodysuits necessary to raise a baby. Also we can cut in half resources needed to produce bodysuits such as – work force, fabrics, energy, which will reduce negative impact of baby fashion industry waste on the environment. The textile industry is considered the number two pollutant of the planet’s waters, and environmental experts say that the 3 months extension of the clothing life could reduce by as much as 10% the carbon, water and waste emissions of the clothing industry.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Moldova

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  • Dad Eugeniu - IT , Daughter Emma - Model, Mom - Sales & SMM

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