The first global booking platform connecting travelers with sustainable holiday accommodations.


bookitgreen is the first state-of-the-art booking platform connecting travelers with sustainable holiday accommodations around the globe. Book everything from an organic farm-stay to an urban flat to a luxury ecolodge and travel #samebutgreen.

Our solution is the first to combine the focus on sustainability with a global offer range and high usability for guests and hosts. bookitgreen enables LOHAS (people that value a Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability) to rent out and book sustainable holiday accommodations worldwide in a few clicks on a transparent booking platform that represents their values.

The social impact comes from environment preservation in the areas where our accommodations are located: the average impact per night spent in a sustainable holiday accommodation is a saving of 90l of fresh water and 6kg CO2. These savings not only improve the quality of life of those in the region, but protect the environment on which local sustainable tourism depends, and allow hosts to save in operational costs and reinvest in their businesses. Additional social impact comes from the re-establishment of the environment in the regions where we sponsor reforestation, and the jobs created for locals who replant trees. bookitgreen plants a tree for every night booked on the platform, and our partners, Eden Reforestation Projects, hire only local villagers to plant trees, and track both the environmental and social impact of their operations. bookitgreen also promotes local sustainable development in mostly rural areas, creating jobs and supporting economic growth based on sustainability best practices. Measuring this through the growth in employment among the hosts on the platform could provide a starting point (excluding properties which are not interested in growing or cannot do so for geographical or other reasons). Lastly, bookitgreen comprises of mostly “off the beaten path” sustainable accommodations, which provide an opportunity for locals to share their history and heritage with visitors, allowing for cultural exchange and the preservation of local traditions and culture. While this cultural aspect cannot be objectively measured, it is an invaluable asset of local peoples and our civilisation as a whole.

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