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Bioremediation for Plastic Waste Management


Plastic can be recycled, burned, buried underground or just dumped away. It can also be biodegraded.

BREaTHE sites are community based bioreactor sites for the elimination of non-recyclable plastic waste. The sites are located within communities where citizens bring their plastic waste and act as a one-stop sorting center for recycling companies to collect recyclable plastic. Microorganisms selectively use plastic as their carbon source leaving behind mainly CO2 and H2O. A greenhouse on top of the site uses the released CO2 to grow vegetables and other plantation.

BREaTHE project is a sustainable alternative to incineration and landfills where non-recyclable plastic waste ends up. At the same we provide a new efficient segregation tool for the recycling industry to incorporate in their plastic waste management processes.

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  • 2016 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • Greece

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  • Konstantinos Aristotelous (Tech Development)/ Dimitrios Lagios (Business Development)

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