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Creating Value from Dirt


Almost 40% of our food that are produced by our local farmers or imported food stuff go to waste and are thrown in Trash

Almost 36% of the Waste that ends up in the landfill are food waste and is the largest percentage of the waste that go out into the landfill annually.

Food waste is the main contributing factor of
2. Greenhouse gas Emissions of Methane (More potent than Carbon dioxide)
3. HEALTH Hazards
4. High Cost of land for waste management.

With BRESS PNG we are looking at diverting those food waste into facilities and treating it.

There’s 3 main business model we are looking at.
1. Food Recovery
Before the food goes bad we can be able to preserve it and package it and send it out to people or institutions that are in need
2. Curb Side Collection of Food waste
We plan on supplying mini bins specifically for food waste and collect it it twice every week with a monthly subscription fee included.
3. Composting
Converting of food waste into composting and sell it

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