BrighTap - Smart water meter that matters

BwareIT- Israeli Startup that develops BrighTap IOT water meter sensor and WAD – Water consumption and quality* analytics data platform (includes app and web data services).
BrighTap IOT water meter can be stand alone sensor attached to any standard water tap, pipe or hose and transforms them to a Smart device.
The BrighTap purpose is to inform in real time of water quality and help user reduce their water bills. BrighTap provides consumed water quantities (liters/gallons, temperature, costs, etc.) and quality* (water quality index), always in a simple and clear manner on the product’s display.

  • BrighTap

  • Konstantin Berezin – Founder, (Executive MBA Hebrew University), CEO Brings 15 Years Consumer Electronics, Hi-tech And Environment Solutions Experience – Samsung, Zimperium, TMPA Recycling, To Name A Few. Ariel Drach – Founder, (Bachelor, Industrial Design, IED Madrid), CTO Has More Than 12 Years’ Experience In Design And Product Development Projects- Nissan, Electrolux, Channel 10 And Etc. Alex Sudak – Founder, (Bachelor, Shenkar Institute Of Engineering) COO Brings Decade Experience In Product Development And Production Projects - Jewelry Stock Market, Doron Merding Studio And TV Productions.
National First prize winner

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