National First prize winner

BugBox & Oil

Mass production of protein powder & oils from edible insects


Market of insect powder products is growing rapidly and demand for controlled ingredient is high. Our unique technology allows us to produce high-quality ecological and sustainable protein powder in large quantities as alternative to existing animal protein. In addition, we are able to separate different fatty acids from insect oil.

Our production is using green waste from local green product industries as a source and will be powered by renewable energy. All production leftovers will be used as an organic fertilizers and food for aquaculture industries. Therefore rearing insects has more than thousand times smaller ecological footprint compared with common farming.

Developed technology can be easily adopted for rearing different species of crickets and grasshoppers, which allows to establish productions at many places around the world near to insect’s natural habitats and consumers.

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  • 2016 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Estonia

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  • Erlend Sild - Founder CEO, Kätrin Karu - Nutrition Specialists

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