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The GDP of the construction industry will make up almost 14% of global GDP in 2023. More infrastructure will be needed as the population grows. As a result, it is anticipated that construction will account for almost 19% of global GDP by 2035.

But did you know that almost 40% of CO2 emissions and a third of all garbage produced in Europe are related to the construction industry?

Additionally, the productivity of the construction sector has decreased recently.

The World Economic Forum estimates that a 1% increase in construction industry productivity would result in an annual savings of $100 billion.

In this situation, is necessary. is a SaaS platform for integrated engineering and architectural design that is powered by AI algorithms.

Every built environment, from the hospitals where we are born to the classrooms where we learn to the homes where we dwell, has the capacity to mold who we are. We get to decide which form we want to give the planet.

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