Mechanical units for converting harmful particles expelled from vehicle exhausts


We are building mechanical units for the conversion of the properties of particles that are harmful to the environment and health that are expelled from vehicle exhausts.
Cars are the main emitters of polluting gases, extremely harmful to the environment and health. Alcohol and gasoline vehicles achieve high concentrations of CO and HC emissions, and in the case of diesel, NOx.
In our beachhead market (Maputo Province) these emissions reach at least 31%/year, depending on the car park. In these terms, CO2 emissions reach 501,277.00 tons/year; and with our mechanical unit connected to the vehicle’s exhaust system the emissions of CO2 and all other pollutants will reach 0.00 tons/year.
These mechanical units will cost 10,000.00MZN (=133.58 €) each, and just the circular component will cost 4,000.00MZN (=53.43€) each.
We dream of providing affordable, zero-pollution mechanical units for all vehicle brands and exhaust system models. And to dominate 55% of the market share by 2024.

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  • [#1] Edson Alar - Electronics Technician; [#2] Cremildo Comé - Business Developer / Industrial Designer And Developer; [#3] Alberto José – Accounting And Marketing And [#4] Partner: Devoux The Company - Provides Some Industrial Infrastructure, Https://devouxthecompany.co.mz/Business/C2O
  • devouxthecompany.co.mz/Business/C2O

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