CAMBOND, UK finalist

Third Prize Winner CleanLaunchpad 2014: CAMBOND has an idea for green glue that can replace the existing formaldehyde-containing (and so toxic) glues used in wood composites. Read all about it in this blog.



At 24th of September, participants of UK competed for a place in the CleanLaunchpad Grand EU National Final in Valencia. CAMBOND will be there, they’ve won a ticket.


What is CAMBOND about?

Making wood composites for the construction industry is a huge business (over $500Bn). But all these products use a formaldehyde based glue in their manufacture. Formaldehyde is toxic and will be declared a cancer causing agent in the EEC in 2015. The industry has been looking for a formaldehyde-free resin for years. However, the current alternatives (e.g. soya based) are expensive and not very waterproof.

CAMBOND invented a way of making glue from plant material (biomass). This is the material left over from biotech processes like bioethanol distillation, whisky making and also algae from environmental blooms. We take this material, apply our process and end up with a glue that can be used to make products suitable for the construction industry. The glue is formaldehyde free, sustainable simple to make and has a very low carbon footprint.


How do you prepare for CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final?

After we heard that we would be finalists, we started to think about what we want to achieve during the Climate-KIC’s Innovation Festival.

With the feedback of the Jury and our coaching session, we’re now ripping our presentation apart to make it sharper. We have several meetings with commercial partners and possible investor before Valencia so we will be sharpening our skills and looking at any gaps in the information or plans we have.

All in preparation of being as ready as possible for the network meetings with the cleantech investor community and possible business partners in Valencia.

– Gareth Roberts, CAMBOND


Our dream

We are looking to build a global business and replacing formaldehyde resins in wood composites all around the world.


  • 2017

    Set up their on plant. Producing 10.000 tons of green glue per year

Quick facts

  • 2014 Participant
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