Canepa Noastra

Hemp cultivation in Republic of Moldova


The most valuable resource in Moldova is our soil that is one of the most fertile in Europe. But because 2/3 is (over)used for agriculture, the soil degradation level rises and now we got a half of it under erosion, compaction. The soil is losing CO2 and the capacity to be a living ecosystem. Fortunately we got the hemp plant which fits the situation. We want to be the first who will use the opportunity provided by law for the reason of using the hemp for soil phytoremediation. Also the plant provides nutrients, keeping CO2 and increases the biodiversity around. The plant will be processed in order to obtain seeds oil that is a unique healthy valuable nutrivite product by means of which we will create job places for further processing the stem . We will develop the process of using the hemp plant for construction, paper and fabrics in a more sustainable way that it’s usually done today

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  • Petru Vinari And Sorin Opinca

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