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Cheap CO2 for greenhouses, captured from the open air locally.


Carbominer provides hardware solution to satisfy greenhouse operators’ need in cheap and climate friendly CO2 and same time helping to prevent climate change by removing CO2 directly from the open air.
We install our modular units nearby the target greenhouse. Our 500 ton CO2 per year capture module (20 feet container size) is able to feed a 5 ha greenhouse and thus to provide a significant savings to clients by reducing their CO2 purchasing budget.
We help environmentally responsible growers not only to cut their CO2 emissions, but also to act as carbon storage solution for a lot of CO2 actually removed from the atmosphere. With 500000 ha total greenhouse area worldwide and daily average CO2 need as 0.7 ton per ha, our global sequestration potential is 128 Mt CO2 per year.

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Circular Economy
  • Ukraine
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  • Vika Oseyko - Digital Marketing And PR; Michael Byk - Technology; Nick Oseyko - Sales, Partnerships, And Investors Relations

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