National First prize winner

Carbon Neutral Initiative

Climate Crisis Professionals Found to Mitigate Global Environmental Issues


The Carbon Neutral Initiative is a Jamaica borne Company Found to Tackle Global Environmental Issues and help other Countries Profitably reach their Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Commitments through the creation of Climate Resilient Technologies and implementation of Circular Economy Strategies. We create solutions to Carbon Emissions/Air Pollution, Soil Degradation/Reforestation and Energy Security. The transport sector accounts for 29% of CO2 emissions making it the largest contributor to climate change and air pollution.
The Carbon Attack Filter is the first and only Biodegradable and Carbon Circular Economy Carbon Capture Filter made for Vehicles. It removes all major hazardous GHGs in exhaust before it gets into the air. After capture, the used cartridges have value and can be used as Organic Fertilizer for soil in Agriculture or Reforestation. This innovative invention directly tackles two Global Environmental Issues. Namely CO2 Emissions and Soil Degradation

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  • 2021 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • Jamaica
  • € 5k
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  • Name: Damani Thomas Role: Founder, CEO And Inventor. Name: Volentina Nicholson Role: COO, Secretary And PRO. Name: Aaliyah Noble Role: Researcher. Name: Odane Denton Role: Model Developer

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