A world in Carbon Balance


Why drill or frack for Oil → when we can get it from our daily waste? Yes, we can turn Organic Waste to non Fossil standard Plastic for Consumer Goods Packaging having an arms’ length market value of 2 times a barrel’s Oil-Price per Ton of Waste! By combining State of the Art Decomposition of Organic Matter Techniques with our proprietary Hydrogen – Carbon co-production we can demonstrate how to make profit from giving Waste-Carbohydrates a new Hydrocarbon-life. Together with our R&D Partners, University of Technology Vienna and of Natural Resources we can form a sound basis for a licensing based roll-out model. By enlisting the “Market Makers” for the Technology’s Output Products and the 10 first “Technology Adopters” from ≥ 6 different countries and ≥ 3 different sectors we can establish global market presence and a conclusive specification for a swift roll-out into abundant feedstock.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Austria

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  • Stefan PETTERS, Qualitative Growth Entrepreneur / Klaus MAUTHNER, Chemical Engineering

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