The CarLungs Project

We Clean Air Pollution


CarLungs represents an air cleaning system based on the principle of the catalytic converter, which is integrated into the air-conditioning system of the car. CarLungs system is designed to clean the incoming air in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. By cleaning this air, CarLungs cleans the surrounding air as well.

CarLungs converts the harmful emissions and cleans some of the particle matters in the air. During the laboratory tests, the system showed high levels of effectiveness, removing up to 80% of the harmful emissions of the polluted air.

Although a sophisticated thermodynamic system, CarLungs doesn’t increase the fuel consumption of the car. The system, however, could have enormous impact on the climate, especially in the urban areas. A single car equipped with CarLungs could clean more than 60,000 cube meters of air a year.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Bulgaria

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  • Bozhidar Ivanov - Founder, Dimitar Filipov - Co-founder

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