National First prize winner

CASP-Computer Assisted Super Pipeline

We make geothermal heat probe control system and save 25% energy


CASP- computer assisted super pipeline is a geothermal heat pump control system, making existing and new geothermal systems 25% more efficient.
Our first to market product is unique as current technologies do not control the geothermal pipelines in the ground, they only act as an on / off system. CASP makes it possible to control, measure and optimize existing and new geothermal systems without causing a similar downturn in building performance as other energy investments (window replacement, insulation, etc.).
Our work is important as the 1.7-degree Celsius average temperature rise predicted by 2050 in Central Europe (in the lifetime of any current building) will shift the current cooling and heating needs 40 % (20% more cooling and 20% less heating) to a state where our currently deployed solutions will be almost unusable, they overheat the ground, loosing efficiency and cause damage to the plants and the soil without proper control mechanism.

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • Hungary
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  • Marta Füles - Economist, Andras Szabó - Computer Engineer, David Vessey- Mechatronic Engineer, Gabor Pollak - Environmental Engineer, György Csadó - Electrical Engineer, Horák György - Software Engineer, Soltész Tamás - Software Engineer, Marcell Tatrai - MBA,

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