We inspire and empower people to engage with climate solutions


cCHALLENGE is a unique transformative program delivered on a global platform to inspire and empower people and companies to engage with climate change solutions. The cCHALLENGE is for individuals and organizations who want to engage with, reflect on, and share experiences during a 30-day change experiment. cCHALLENGE is ideal for people or groups interested in transformations of all types – it’s also a great team-building activity. Our platform will provide inspiration, information, cutting-edge analysis, and indicators of social responses to climate change. cCHALLENGE recognizes that people are the most powerful solution to climate change. Our dream is to directly engage and empower 10 million people through cCHALLENGE by 2020, influencing many more.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Norway

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