National Third prize winner


An Airbnb of Electric Vehicle owners and Private chargers.


ChargeBnB starts with the first B as an EV Owner looking to charge the vehicle, while the second B refers to the private charging point owner looking for extra revenue from charging points while not using it for personal use. The platform of ChargeBnB creates a simple one point of contact for every EV owner to charge their vehicle, not needing many apps and pricing plans. A simple one stop shop solution of ChargeBnB enables an effective charging solution for electric vehicles, while connected to the back-end cloud network. The platform runs on a OCPP protocol and creates a back-end solution for roaming services (similar to mobile phone roaming). Wherever you go if you are connected with ChargeBnB platform you are able to pay and charge your vehicle and not need to worry about carrying different RFID tags.

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • Norway
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  • Qazi Sohail Ahmad (CEO), Tamoor Ali (CPO)

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