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The production of sustainable biofuels suffers from high cost. We have developed a process that is low cost and converts metal contaminated waste wood into several products including biogas, bio-ethanol and other bio-based materials.

As such, our process solves two problems simultaneously.

Disposal of metal treated waste timber is unsustainable. 1 Mt of wood is landfilled every year in the UK due to its content of metal containing preservatives which doesn’t allow for recycling or incineration. This results in cost for waste producers, such as timber companies. At the same time, the production of biofuels is suffering from high cost and low CO2 savings as a result of a variety of factors, including the high cost of feedstock and high processing cost. Our technology can turn metal contaminated wood into inexpensive biofuels, offering increased revenue and a higher recycling rate.


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  • 2016 Participant
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  • Florence Gschwend (co-founder, co-inventor, R&D, application lead), Agnieszka Brandt-Talbot (co-founder, co-inventor, R&D), Jason Hallett (co-founder, consultant, co-inventor), John Hamlin (co-founder, business lead)

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