City Is A LAB

A smart environment for green-oriented urban residents


Today urban population is growing with exponential rates and cities are becoming more congested and not that enjoyable to live in. Urban dwellers need to see an example on how to adapt in the city environment. What do we propose? Let’s see city as a LAB! Project “City is a LAB” stands for an incubator for eco-friendly initiatives and that could be easily adapted in the daily lifestyle of the urban resident.

We aim to build a self-sufficient house, which would serve as a education center and collectively-run restaurant. Here urban residents can come an learn how to save energy, how to recycle, implement vertical gardens and small scale DIY systems. On top on that a social campaign promoting sustainable lifestyle in the cities is going to be started. This combination would serve as a platform, providing advice and help to the local communities in transition towards sustainability.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Lithuania

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