National First prize winner


Biological Direct Air Capture Sytems for transportation, industry, and homes


Transportation is responsible for up to 12% of the global GHG emissions. However, few solutions can help companies reduce their scope 1 and 3 emissions related to road transportation. Clair City is a biological direct air capture device designed for light and heavy-duty vehicles. Using microorganisms, Clair City will mitigate up to 70% of the emissions produced by a delivery van. Our product won’t modify the vehicle structure or affect its functioning in any way; besides, we are way more affordable than an EV.

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  • 2021 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • Mexico
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  • David Corzo Sánchez Ortiz (Finance And Business Leader); Aranza Meza Dorantes (R&D Leader); Diego Rivera Martínez (Product Development Leader); Juvenal Rafael Mercado Cano (Software And Circuits); Patricio Rodríguez Álvarez (Product Development); Israel Hernández Rodríguez (Product Development)

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