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Clean Air Ke

Our machines clean the air and have display panels to sell advertising space


Hafsa Hakada a two year old resident of Syokimau succumbed to acute respiratory tract infection .A condition in which the lungs are so inflamed they cannot provide the vital organs with enough oxygen .According to the world health organisation 4.2 million people die annually all over the globe due to outdoor air pollution .Here in Kenya we have about 18000 deaths annually for this same reason .The air quality index of Kenya doesn’t help either it is at 89 which is closely related to dangerously polluted zones .Research shows that 40%of the patients dying from Corona virus have underlying conditions such as breathing problems and asthma some of which are caused by outdoor air pollution We have come up with outdoor pollution controller machines that clean the air through an inlet purification mechanism and an outlet to bring out clean air .Our machines are fitted with display panels which we will use to sell advertising space to companies and brands at a rate of 300 $weekly

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Margaret Wanjiku -Financials. Lewis Ndungi-engineer

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