National First prize winner

Clean Ocean

Our invention attracts ocean plastic. ‘Make Our Ocean Clean Again’


We provide a unique environmental service using our invention, The Ocean Cleaner Device. It uses magnetic force and natural water movement to attract plastic to water surfaces, where trash can be easily removed using an elevation system. The OCD could prevent devastating effects caused by ocean plastic such as climate change; danger to marine life; consumption of micro plastic by humans through food and water; and a negative impact on heritage, livelihoods, communities, and tourism. It attracts three cigarette butts in six seconds without moving natural matter such as rocks or sand, and without hurting marine life. It attracts plastic, rubber, cigarette butts and polystyrene, as well as micro plastic. It removes both surface and underwater plastic –this is an important feature as 70% of ocean plastic is underwater, with only 30% floating on the surface. It can be adapted to rivers, lakes, dams, reservoirs, fish farms, ports, and marinas. We also hope to adapt it to washing machines.

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Mauritius
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