National Second prize winner

African Solutional Technology

Turning biodegradable and non biodegradable waste into renewable energy.


My mother was struggling to get local economical source of energy for domestic use. I decided to make briquettes for her own use. In the process of using the briquettes women in the community come to get some from her.I found that not only her who was struggling all women are struggling.Through local pyrolysis process remains of biodegradable waste (char) is turned into briquettes which  burns longer, hotter and smokeless hence healthier for human use. The non biodegradable waste can be used for drying. The residue can be used for road construction. Syngas can be  bottled for industrial and domestic use. The extra gas can be recycled to burn the other waste.

Quick facts

  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Kenya
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  • Elias Mabiria - operation manager

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