Emissions ... breathe snow… Our system - breathe clean air


Our idea is to equip the chimneys of household stoves of private houses and small boiler rooms with relatively inexpensive liquid filtration systems. This startup allows minimizing influence of emissions created from the combustion of hydrocarbons in private houses. A large part of population of the developing countries with long and cold winters (China, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.) warm houses by incineration of solid fuel (mainly, coal) in domestic stoves. It results in strong contamination of atmospheric air with combustion products: carbon dioxide (50%), sulfur oxide (20%), nitrogen oxide, and suspended particles. The system will be available to a wide range of consumers due to a low price. The idea is to contribute to the reduction of air pollution, which in turn will influence global warming.

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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Kazakhstan
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  • Mikl - Technician Who Is Responsible For The Engineering Support Of The Project. Elena – Financier. Profit And Profitability In Her Hands. Nataly - Ecologist. Its Her Main Goal Is Clean Air. Zhanbol - Brilliant Marketer And Biochemist.

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