Climate Watch

A platform to facilitate environmental data driven research and observation


What happens when guys with background in data and software and experience in journalism turn to data driven research to publish environmental stories? They realize that locating, processing, integrating, interpreting & using environmental data is a dirty, hand-crafted job that needs an incredibly wide array of skills and is harder than it should be.

So what do they do? They put their skills, enthusiasm & experience to use, joining forces and distilling them as a Software-as-a-Service platform to facilitate environmental data-driven research.

Easier access, more data, better & more stories in less time and without the pain – that’s what we’re out to achieve. We limit the time & resources needed to investigate environmental issues by 50%, resulting in considerable savings in cost & CO2 emissions, but more importantly, we make a difference by helping get the environmental word out.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
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  • Greece

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