"Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future" Niels Bohr


Climate change has been aggravating extreme climatic events over the last 30 years challenging our present and our future. Weather-related catastrophes “injure” humanity causing fatalities and financial calamities, e.g., over the last decade the annual losses sum up approximately to €100 billion.

Extreme climatic events cannot disappear; all we can do is to be ready, and that’s how ClimateIN can help. ClimateIN excels in the modeling of extreme climatic events, such as extreme rainfall, floods, heat waves and droughts, and offers long-term forecasts and risk assessment in our changing world. Based on big data analysis, we have the methods and the tools needed to estimate the impact of a changing climate to the emergence of future weather-related extremes.

In ClimateIN we know – safer means better risk assessment.

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  • Simon Papalexiou (Stochastic Data Analyst Msc PhD); Yannis Markonis (Hydroclimatic Data Analyst Msc PhD).

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