CO2, The Solution

CO2 capture, Carbon separation and transformation in Valuable Products.


My idea is to provide Carbon Offsets to Companies, Governments and Persons interested in reduce their Carbon footprint, using a Green Technology to CO2 direct capture from the air. After the sequestration I separate Carbon and I intend to transform it in valuable products (Diamonds, for instance) with applications in different industries.

CO2 capture from the air with Thermoacoustic Refrigeration technology, Carbon separation and transformation into Diamonds, powered by solar heat, reducing atmospheric CO2.

Lab Grown Diamonds are real Diamonds but they are created in the laboratory. The market is growing and it is expected to reach $100B in the next years but only 10% of the Lab Grown Diamonds produced around the world goes to Jewelry Market. A New Age for computing is arriving and Lab Grown Diamonds may be the solution for better electronics and telecommunications in a near future.


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