National First prize winner


Efficient conversion of Carbon Dioxide to the Eco Fuels by our natural catalyst.


CO2 Catalyser group is working on the same problem through electrochemical conversion of the CO2. As an alternative of precious metal catalysts, we proposed to use naturally available mineral as an electrochemical catalyst. It can be applicable industrially because of economical advantages: Low-cost, green technology. The main problem of our customers is finding cheaper and stable catalyst with the high TON/TOF. After working ten years, our group assures that this unique catalyst demonstrates high efficiency and long-term stability in comparison to precious metal catalysts, such as nano-gold, platinum, ruthenium, etc. Furthermore, the price is lower than other currently available catalysts.

Factories release into the atmosphere 36 gigatonnes of CO2 each year due to fossil fuel use. CO2 emissions can be reduced over than 85% for every factory by using our product.


  • 2017

    GreenHouse (Organised by Edinburgh Carbon Innovation Center (ECCI))

  • 2017

    New Idea, Climate-KIC Greenhouse programme

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  • 2017 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Azerbaijan
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  • Yusif Abdullayev (Assoc. Prof. & CEO), Gunel Aghabayli (Chemist), Zahra Nabizade (Chemical Engineer & Design Manager),Aysel Qadimaliyeva (Sales & Finance Manager), Nazim Naghizade (Engineer & Operational Manager)

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