mobile CO2mpensiation


The idea behind CO2mpensio is to compensate your CO2-emissions by investing a small amount of money related to your travels (distance and means of transport) into climate protection projects. Therefore the users can either enter a route they travelled by car or plane manually (entering start location and destination) or the app will track whether the user travelled a significant distance on a day (e.g. if the user moved more than 50km a day it’s considered a travel) After the app knows the distance of the travels and the means of transport, it calculates how much CO2 this travel emitted and suggests an amount of money as the compensation equivalent. The user then can pay this amount via PayPal directly to a climate protection organization. After compensating the users are getting a reward through a discount from a company of their choice.


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  • 2016 Participant
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  • Sustainable Land Use, Urban Transitions
  • Austria

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  • Markus Ginders Co-Founder, David Bernhard Co-Founder, Valentyna Sasonowa Intern

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