National Third prize winner

Coast Guard Drone Cape Verd

Specialized company in coastal rescue, assistance, lifeguarding, and drone technology.


Coast Guard Drone Cape Verde, the pinnacle of technology under Cape Verde Special Services. We offer more than just services; we’re the swift response in emergencies, the shield for coastal safety, and the aid in critical moments. Our mission merges drone innovation with rescue expertise, securing Cape Verde’s beaches and coastlines. With our adept team, we navigate maritime challenges, ensuring safety and efficacy. Imagine drones patrolling waters, safeguarding lives. They identify hazards, equipped with cutting-edge tech for rapid rescues and real-time updates. We epitomize trust through years of rescue experience, constantly evolving for modern safety. Beyond technology, our solidarity shines. From drowning risks to medical crises, our composed team serves as a beacon of hope and action. Coast Guard Drone Cape Verde pioneers security and collective well-being. Join us in fortifying Cape Verde’s shores, uniting technology and compassion.

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  • 2023 Participant
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  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Cape Verde
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  • Leidemara M. Ramos Promoter CEO / Yancey Heredia Promoter CTO / Yosmel Posada Especialist / Maria Roman Especialist

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