Connect 2 Colombia

C2C makes it easy to adapt a green business model.

As a Swedish/Colombian company we have our roots in the Scandinavian business culture focusing on quality, trust, collaboration, innovation and social responsibility. With our portfolio of the most innovative and green technologies found on the market today, our mission is to provide quality services to those aspiring on making a positive impact in Colombia. We offer a range of services within CSR management and project implementation, business development and establishment and the provision of environmental technology solutions. The idea is to make it easy for companies to adapt a green business model while take their social responsibility.

  • Connect 2 Colombia

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  • Martina Andersson; CEO & Co-founder, Gustavo Gutierrez; Co-founder Expert On Renewable Energy, Nathalie Martin Bekier; Operational Manager, Vivianne Aggestam; Project Manager, Mariana Santos Garcia; Communication And Social Media,
Connect 2 Colombia

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