Cooling The Sun

Cooling the Sun generates air-conditioning with thermal-solar energy.


Cooling the Sun is based in an old physic principle, the principle of absorption. We want to use the ammonium steam to generate cool air so refrigerate a building. We want to make a technological integration to make this process avoiding the energy storage, using a new generation of solar collectors.
We believe in the using of responsible use of energy, so our principle impact is the saving of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere changing the actual systems by a green energy. We pretend to reduce to almost zero the spending of one of the sectors which spend more electricity in the world (the air conditioning generation).
We want to create a company to change the concept of the industrial air conditioning production that we have today.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Spain

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  • Juan Calero Ordoñez(CEO), Alberto Calero Agut(Mechanical Engineering), Sergio Amores Perez(Technitian)

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