Coop Boomerang

Fighting food waste by upcycling brewer's spent grains into tasty and nutritive flour.


At Boomerang we believe that by improving the food industry, from production to consumption, we can build a more sustainable society,
Doing more with less !

As we all know food waste is a huge problem around the world and is responsible for more than 3 billion tons in CO2 emissions. Fighting food waste takes a lot of effort and various solutions but it needs to start somewhere. So why not starting with something fun like breweries ?

For brewers, dealing with spent grains is expensive and inconvenient on many levels: smell, lack of storage space and logistics. Unfortunately current solutions don’t allow to use this by-product at its maximum potential. They are also inefficient and highly polluting.

Boomerang’s goal is to upcycle these spent grains into a flour, that can then be reinserted in the food industry. By doing this, we offer brewers a more reliable solution for the disposal of their spent grains, and provide a highly nutritional flour to the food industry.

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Circular Economy
  • Canada
  • € 100k
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  • Basile Thisse - Co-founder And Logistics Director / Tangui Conrad - Co-founder And Coordinator / Mathieu Gauthier - Co-founder And Business Development Director / Alexis Galand - Co-founder And Production Director

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