National Third prize winner

Copernicus Aquaponic

Future proofing agriculture, revolutionising aquaponics


Copernicus aquaponic’s revolutionary system is future-proofing agriculture and addressing climate change.
We sell new generation aquaponic systems to farmers who want to be ready for climate change. Our scalable systems are perfect for an urban environment (building tops, retrofitted warehouses) or traditional farmers (greenhouse or outdoors).
We turn food waste into organic fish, fruit and vegetables. The by-product compost is used to regenerate soil and the surrounding ecosystem.
Our tech allows us to produce more, locally, at low cost, using less water and energy than “standard” aquaponics and without the use of any petrochemicals. Our winning design is better for the plants and the fish (better oxygen levels and filtration) and makes harvesting/packing very efficient, reducing labor cost and less tiring for employees.

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Australia
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  • Jerome Favand- Founder, Aquaponics/Sustainability Expert, Dr Julie Hatfield- Behavior Change Specialist, James Stewart- Engineering Technologist, Dennis Ward- Agribusiness Investor, Member Of Farmers For Climate Action

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