Bioplastic from almost nothing!


In today’s society plastic is used almost everywhere, However, it is very hard for the environment because nature cannot degrade it, and it will interfere with the ecosystems. CosmoCrops has developed a new production system that can produce biodegradable plastic (bioplastic), without the use of plants or field space.
Our new and innovative production system relys on two microorganisms who can work together, and by the use of solar energy and CO2 from the air produce bioplastic. By selling this bioplastic to the Danish food packaging industry, we can decrease the amount of conventional plastic used, while providing a much more sustainable solution. Furthermore, the production will be CO2 negative, meaning that we will be removing CO2 from the atmosphere, making our product the most green and sustainable solution in a market which needs more innovative and sustainable products!

Quick facts

  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Denmark

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  • Iris Maritta Madsen (Project Manager), Stael Naseri (Business Developer), Joachim Steen Larsen (Scientist/External Communicator) And Fouzia Hamid Akthar (Scientist)

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